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Address: Wuchang in Hubei Province to Jingyun streets Garden Block B Rally 1202
Telephone: 027-87868939  87654345
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Zip code: 430070

  Wuhan chuangwei Electric Technique Co., Ltd. is to create a professional commitment to the promotion of industrial automation products and the technical development and marketing company. Technology companies are stronger, have to undertake the design of large and medium-sized industrial automation systems engineering project development, research and construction, the ability to provide complete sets of industrial automation and control equipment.
  The corporation has a many years involved in Electric Drive research and the application of the experts, engineering technical staff of factory automation the design, production, debug accumulated a wealth of experience, particularly for Factories process control, industrial Fieldbus, synchrodrive, tension control of Distributed Control have successfully applied experience and skill of the Company products in the thermoelectric, the chemical industry, metallurgy, paper-making, coal mine, water supply, textile, oil, etc. the mining industry extensively, and exports in Southeast Asia during and achieved a good application effect and social benefits, and in a reliable quality, perform its advanced functions and quality services won applause from the broad users the praise.

Acting products

Hubei distributor good spirits high voltage inverter

Japan electricity for homes, Mitsubishi, South Korea, LG Industrial Systems (one of the country's top 500) series products

Inverter, PLC and touch screen pressure appliances, High and Low Voltage counters, transformers, circuit breakers, etc.

● China level agents           

British Witten Hubei products distributor         

Fujitsu, Yasukawa, ABB, Mitsubishi, CT dealers     

Siemens OMRON Schneider dealers       

● Products

CHZ Series Automatic Frequency Energy constant pressure water equipment

CHZ Series Automatic Frequency Control Equipment Energy

Electrical control equipment sets, soft start counters

● Renovation Project           

Factory automation control system design, transformation     

DCS system design and manufacture

Frequency control systems, and counter the production of non-standard installation

● Maintenance products

Maintenance of import converters, industrial appliances

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Company Address : Jingyun Rally Wuchang streets mouth Garden Block B Zip code : 430070
Tel : 027-87868939 Fax : 027-87654345 Email : technical support :
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